FabMo Textile Art Boutique


This is FabMo’s signature event every year.  We DO hope you’re planning to at least attend, and  even exhibit!  It is a wonderful place for inspiration, excitement, fun, camaraderie, and a great start to holiday shopping!

Beyond that, however, it is of great significance to FabMo.  Here’s why. 

Many years ago people started proudly showing their finished projects when they came to a selection event at the house.  It was fun to see what they had made, but only years later did I realize that our rescue effort was totally pointless without these finished projects, which turn rescuing materials into repurposing materials.

Think about it:  Storing materials keeps them out of the landfill - until you run out of storage.  This year we will divert well over 70 tons of gorgeous stuff - more than a truckload a week.  That's huge!  How could we possibly store that much in such a small warehouse?  The solution is YOU.  While collecting beautiful stuff is interesting, sustainability of our effort depends on surplus materials coming in one door and going out another, with your intention to create from it something new, beautiful and useful.  Without  our wonderful creative community we would crash and burn, buried under our own seeming success.  

Several years ago, vision, enthusiasm, organization and follow-through came together and the First Annual FabMo Textile Art Expo became a reality.  Variety, quality, participation and success have all risen year after year, as we plan for the SEVENTH annual FabMo Textile Art Boutique on October 24, 2015!  More than 50 artist/exhibitors, offering things made from FabMo materials - textiles, wallpapers, ceramic & glass tiles, etc. had displays in 2014, with a waiting list.  Beautiful, hand-crafted, repurposed, one-of-a-kind stuff.

Visitors to the Boutique generally are unaware that such a resource as FabMo's designer materials even exists, much less the beautiful creations that emerge from them.   

Come!  Exhibit!  Celebrate!  And bring your friends!  Support the artists that support FabMo!


            Saturday, October 22nd, 2016


            Free admission & parking

           Palo Alto Elks Lodge,                          Here’s a map

            4249 El Camino Real,                                   

            Palo Alto, 94306                              

Map to 2017 Boutique

2017 postcard

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