FabMo beyond the San Francisco Bay Area - Roadtrips


FabMo comes to the northern Sacramento Valley, April 27th!

FabMo’s Roadtrip plans include taking a truckload of designer materials to the Chico area, north of Sacramento.  Details are coming together nicely as a group of volunteers is organizing and publicizing the event.

Date:    9am - 4pm, Saturday, April 27, 2013

Place:   Ordbend Community Center

             3241 Highway 45

             Glenn, CA

             (About 7 miles south of Hamilton City on highway 45)

Appointments are useful for managing crowd size (and inventory control:   Calendar is here and open for scheduling now.

Want to help?  Interested in learning more?  Email to roadtrip at fabmo dot org.  Join the “roadtrip” email list for updates. 

FabMo is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, EIN 27-0658796.  All donations are tax-deductible

Last year enthusiastic supporters in Auburn, CA, organized a Selection Event - finding a venue, arranging publicity, connecting with sewing and crafting guilds, etc.  It was great and very instructive event for all.  Here are a couple of blog entries about last year’s roadtrip:   3/19/12    3/25/12

These roadtrips serve a couple of purposes: 

  1. For the local effort, they expose more people to the range and variety of beautiful things available.  Once people see this for themselves, they may decide to make the trip to our local Selection Event, perhaps as a carpool, or even chartering a bus for a special event that FabMo could host in Mountain View.

  2. To gather insight and experience in establishing something like FabMo in a new location, we can deal with just one essential component at a time, in this case, building a local market.

  3. It’s also valuable to learn how to build a network of interested folks.

Use the “Join Our Email List” link above, and select the FabMo Elsewhere list.  Expect a newsletter every other month or so.  See the page here to see where interest is developing.