Supporting FabMo

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FabMo exists because of your support, which can take many shapes.

Volunteers are crucial to our success for both in-house and outreach events, as well as providing key skills to support organizational development.  Your talents and skills help us develop into an ever more serving entity.

Financial support is essential to keep our doors open and allow us to continue to serve our community.

Spreading the word is an often overlooked way to support us, whether in casual conversation, using social media, or mentioning FabMo in a blog.

There are many ways to support FabMo financially:

Cash, check or credit card donations at Selection Events are an obvious indication that people appreciate FabMo’s opportunities for treasures not available anywhere else.  

Some may choose to provide regular support by check or online (such as with the PayPal donation link above), even if they can’t attend the event.  Among other things, this makes it easy to do regular support as well as provide good tax records.

We participate in programs with many employers that match employee contributions and even volunteer hours to organizations like FabMo.  It’s a great way to leverage your own contribution!

We count on your support if:

  1. you appreciate that we exist...

  2. you come back again and again...

  3. we become one of the material sources for your enterprise...

  4. you derive a profit from what we do...

How we use funds received (in 2012):  

65.8%    Facilities   

12.7%    Vehicle   

14.0%    Teachers & professional fees

  7.0%    Office & program support

    .5%    Other

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